Perseids Meteor Shower 2017 Toys

From 24:01 JST tonight (August 14th), special versions of Bun-chan, Sexy Yakan, and Sexy (Galaxy) Hop will be available in both web shops. I’ll try to balance out what’s available in each shop, so if there’s anything sold out that you’re hoping for, please add a note to your order and I’ll do what I can to make everything work out. Thanks, and have a great summer!

NHK Segment

Both Cory / Science Patrol and I were interviewed for a subculture segment about Koenji on NHK. It’s in Japanese, but hopefully, everyone can enjoy the Alvin toy’s TV debut, regardless of language.


Because it’s NHK (national TV channel), they were unable to give credit to Elegab for his Tunnelgon appearing at the beginning, nor Skull Toys for his Dokurocks suit, both of which I mentioned as being some of my favorite toys. Thanks for the inspiration!