Design Festa 45 Releases

Here are a few things you can find at the Suginami-ku Cryptozoology Society Table (A-484) this Saturday and Sunday at Design Festa 45.

First up is Avocado Flavored Bun-chan (not avocado flavored). This is dark green vinyl with yellow and purple sprays, gold details, and light green eyes.


Next is Mint Chocolate Bun-chan, riding the wave of mint chocolate everything this summer. Light green glow in the dark vinyl with brown sprays and copper details.



We’ll have the Suginami-ku Cryptozoology Society gacha machine at the table, stocked with, among other things, a variety of painted and unpainted Zenfushous.



A dual release Midori Matsuri Sexy Yakans will be the table. Carrying the theme from the Bun-chan colors, dark green vinyl with gold sprays, and minty-GID vinyl with brown.



Need a toy to make you feel even more uncomfortable in your house? Super Sexy Yakan with uncomfortably-fitted woolen underwear, a brown pearlescent vinyl body, and GID pink head. I’m sorry.



And finally, Design Festa will see the debut of the Sexy Hop. The three colors of vinyl (dark green, GID green, and brown pearlescent, all with a GID pink body) will be sold blind bag as a set with a Suginami-ku Cryptozoology Society bottle opener and original canvas bag.



Of course, we’ll have other toys, pins, charms, a train, and beer. Please come by booth A-484 to say hi.


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